10 Perfect Gifts for the Teachers in Your Life

10 Perfect Gifts for the Teachers in Your Life

The term ‘back to school’ has quite a different ring to it this year and some of us may feel indebted to the teachers who are risking their health teaching our kids in person. On the other hand, some of us may have also decided to take on the role of the teacher. Whatever education looks like to you this year, this gift guide will offer exactly what you need to lighten the heavy load for our educators without having to search for hours on end. 


1. Masks! Here at Hattie Rex, we carry a variety of unique masks made by local artisans. Pictured here are our adult masks made by Erin, otherwise known as 415upup. Her masks offer a bendable wire to fit around your nose, as well as a hidden filter pocket. She also offers masks in youth sizes as well. 

 2. Seattle’s Best Chocolate. Listen, after a long day, nothing beats a sweet treat! We are so lucky to be carrying a variety of chocolate made by Seattle’s Best. There are options for everyone, whether they’re a milk chocolate lover or a dark chocolate fiend. 

3. Wine Glasses. If chocolate won’t cut it, we understand if they’d need something stronger! These gorgeous glasses are etched with our beautiful state, hopefully encouraging our teachers to go into a more beautiful state of mind, if they can. See what we did there? 

4. They Believe in You, Too Sticker/Card. In these times, we need to be offering encouragement in any way possible. We think that these stickers can be the perfect reminder for any educator to keep their chins up. Whether you’re a long time educator or a first time homeschooling mama, we believe in you! 

5. Annie Bailey Paintings. Sometimes a pop of color is all you need to encourage some inspiration and motivation in a space. Annie’s paintings will take up minimal valuable desk space while still offering a beautiful piece of art to bring in positive thoughts and good vibes.

6. Big Night In Box. Can’t decide on one thing to get your favorite educator? Why not a curated collection of pieces that promote relaxation and chill vibes. This box has a variety of self-care treats that are perfect encouragement for our teachers to take a break.

7. Foot Work. Reflexology, anyone? This little kit includes detailed socks, a guide, as well as a foot massaging tool. What else would a teacher need to encourage them to put their feet up? Check the kit out here. 

8. Elsewhere Candle Co. Candles. Now, we’re not kidding when we tell you that these candles have been best sellers ever since they were put on the shop floor, and for good reason. These candles have the ability to make any room smell exactly like you are deep in a forest or resting on the side of a mountain. Give your educators this luxurious candle to help them with the complications of this season. 

9. New Moon Ritual Salts. If they can help it, every night they should be allowing themselves to soak. These beautiful bath salts are the perfect offering to anyone undergoing significant amounts of stress. Their strong lavender aroma combined with a warm bath is the perfect combination to melt away the day. 

10. Mountain Key Rack. Anything that will offer any organization in such a scrappy time can make a load of difference to any educator. Whether you’re shopping for a professor who is always reaching for their keys, or a parent who is trying out no-schooling, this key rack will keep everything they need in perfect line for all of their adventures. 

And just like that, your search for the perfect gift just got easier. Trust us, our teachers don’t need another mug from Target. Show them how much we appreciate them by keeping them safe and offering ways to help them relax. Teachers, you are our superheroes! 

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