5 Local Fall Finds

5 Local Fall Finds

It's hard to believe fall is already here, isn't it still March something?

Fall is a great time to support a local artist or maker and we have the best selection of goodies from small shops near and not so far. Before the weather turns for the rest of the year, cozy up to fall with this list of must-haves.

1. Instant Montana Scented Candle

When you need a little Montana in your life, like NOW.

Scented with a blend of pine and cardamom over a base of woody vanilla. Hand-poured 6 ounce soy wax candle in a handy tin that can be reused. I like to save them for camping to store matches, spices, or a mini first aid kit.


2. 415UPUP - Upcycled Pendelton Wool & Leather Clutch

Are you in need of a new clutch? Do you love to shop sustainably? Then these Pendleton Wool Clutches are the perfect choice for your personal wardrobe or a gift for a friend. When you purchase this, you are supporting a small maker who is also a Mama!
  • Made from scrap Pendleton fabric and leather 
  • The interiors are made from 100% cotton 
  • YKK Metal zippers 
  • Hand-Sewn in Bozeman, Montana


3. Annie Bailey - Better Connection Print 8x10

Get a better connection with yourself. Out here there's no wifi, but you'll find a better connection. Part of her Glacier National Park series, Annie Bailey has done it again with these vintage masterpieces. Annie grew up on her Family's ranch in a small community of fewer than 1,000 people, her work is inspired by the beautiful diverse landscapes of Montana, but also has a modern feel to it. 


4. Noteworthy Bandana 

Spice up your mask game or fall look with this bandana designed and printed in Missoula, Montana. Noteworthy was founded in 2008 and has pleased locals and tourists alike. We love carrying their products in our store and love these new fall-inspired prints. 100% cotton and Made in the USA, you really can't go wrong with this as a gift or an addition to your own closet.

5. Forest and Forge Double Diamond Earrings

These laser-cut and hand-finished earrings are made of WOOD! What?! A lightweight way to rock some nature in your fall look. This golden yellow color is sure to match any fall look and give you a fancy pep in your step. Hand made in Livingston, MT with wood sustainably sourced from Ocooch Hardwoods in southwest Wisconsin. 


So, in case you forgot, it is indeed, fall and the leaves will be changing soon. Remember to support your local artist and maker in this in-between season. Never too early to shop for the holidays, you know how fast they will be here.

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