Must-Haves for Doggos

Must-Haves for Doggos

Meet Chloe.

chloe the dog hattie rex

Chloe's normally right by her human's side, but sometimes she gets distracted. One day, she was hungry for ice cream.  She followed her nose to the ice cream truck and ate two ice cream cones with her human friends.  Yum!  But, she was too full to find her way back home.  Luckily, Chloe was wearing a Hattie Rex ID tag.  Hattie brings you home.  


Hattie Rex Pet ID Tags are personalized by you and handmade by our three talented metalsmiths/dog tag artists in our downtown Bozeman, Montana studio, and retail store.  We make these unique dog name tags by hand from start to finish.  


Here are a few of our signature Pet ID Tags that come in a variety of designs to fit your needs and our top must haves for the doggo in your life. 


1. Big Earth Pet tag big earth pet tag hattie rex

This cute round pet tag may look like your typical pet tag, but this custom tag will last forever with its hand stamped silver and copper design. Your dog's tag will withstand the test of time no matter which design you choose, but this classic dog paw tag is a go to for many dog moms and dads. 



2. Quiet pet tags 

quiet pet tag hattie rex

Ahh sweet silence! This tag was created as a quiet alternative to traditional hanging tags and designed for use on an adjustable ribbon, fabric, or webbing collar base on the width of your dog's collar. Like every Hattie Rex tag, each letter and number is individually stamped by hand with an antique hammer. 


3. Call my people 

call my people pet tag hattie rex

This one is specially made for the social butterfly, the escape artist and the determined doggo. Unlike human children, rest assured that your pooch won't have any issues calling home, with the help of this Hattie ID tag


4. Chloe Pet Tag 

chloe pet tag hattie rex

Like a charm bracelet, this tag has a heart or paw shaped charm that dangles at the top. It's a cute little accessory that also keeps your pet safe at the same time. Why use a generic store bought tag when you can have a personalized, long lasting tag that represents your pup's charming personality. 


5. Dog Wash 

dog wash hattie rex


After a day of frolicking, help keep your dog's coat shiny, clean and smelling fresh! The essential oil blend has a lovely aroma and acts as a flea deterrent. It's a win win! This all natural dog shampoo is made using only natural, plant based ingredients and pure essential oils. Each shampoo is meticulously and lovingly produced, bottled, and labeled by hand.


6. Bridgers Dog Leash

dog leash hattie rex

The Bridger Mtn Range is the visual backdrop for beautiful Bozeman. Now your four-footed friends can carry that view with them wherever they roam clipped into a Bridger leash. This four-foot leash is a great length for those in town walks when you want to keep your friend close at hand. 


7. Leather Dog Collar 

leather dog collar hattie rex

We love this stylish collar design with its leather and handwoven textiles in eye catching colors.   This handmade collar will definitely make your pup stand out in a crowd! It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, for pups big and small. 


8. Meat Bandana 

meat bandana hattie rex


If your dog loves a tender steak, this meat bandana is perfect! This juicy assortment of delectable meats is screen printed by hand on 100% cotton. Get one for yourself and y'all can match! 



9. Puppy's First Christmas Ornament

puppys first christmas ornament hattie rex


Celebrate and remember your first Christmas with your new puppy! This hand stamped ornament can hang on your tree for years to come, and makes a great gift for new puppy parents. If you decorated early like we did, you'll want to hang this one right away. 


10. Mountain Dog Collar 

dog collar hattie rex


The Tetons have inspired artists and outdoor lovers for hundreds of years. We're taking that inspiration and using it to make handcrafted collars and leashes. With this collar, you'll want any excuse to get outside with your pup to show off their new style. 

11. Treat Jar

treat jar hattie rex


Store fido's bones or hideaway human treats in this sleek Treat Jar by Basiclai. This jar is perfect for pet lovers and a splendid storage solution. Basiclai pottery is a full line of handcrafted functional pottery intended to simplify the home.


12. Antler Dog Chew 

antler dog chew hattie rex


What would a treat jar be without treats inside? These high quality Wyoming elk antler dog chews come in four sizes of premium grade A+ elk antlers. Benefits of elk antlers are numerous, but some of the main ones include immune system function, athletic performance, bone and joint health and to top it off they are hypoallergenic and 100% organic. They make a great stocking stuffer, just make sure your pup doesn't know it's there! 


13. Dog Bowl 

dog bowl hattie rex


The Avalon Pet Collection Brings a simple, whimsical design for your pet's mealtime delight. This shallow dog bowl features a blue or black bone inside, a striped edge, and a grey rim. It's dinnerware quality ceramic that is also lead-free and BPA-free. Your dog may not get a seat at the dinner table, but they'll be eating like royalty! 


14. For the dog mom: Necklace Set 

dog mom necklace set


Ok so this one's for dog mom's and their best (furry) friend...

Calling all crazy dog moms!  We hear your reputation precedes you.  Why not make it official with a matching necklace for you and charm for your dog?  We make them right here in our Bozeman, Montana studio, hand-stamping each letter of your requested phrase, one for your pooch and one for you. You and your doggo will always be connected even when you're not together. 

Shop this collection of unique doggy gifts for your practical pooch, here. 

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