We're having company!

We're having company!

Bozeman - Beloved Artist Hub

One of the things I love most about Bozeman is the abundance of artists, craftspeople, and makers, coupled with the public’s thrilled willingness to support their efforts.  

Even in a town with three Starbucks, there are still enough people who value and seek out handmade, local products from local, small businesses. It’s a beautiful thing.  

Those of us who are lucky enough to turn art into business, as I discussed recently with Dave Bayless of Human Scale Business, know that the business portion of that isn’t possible without the support of a community.

Becoming a "Tartist"

When I first moved to Bozeman

When I first moved to Bozeman in 2010, I found the lucky ones, and the support of a community, at a little shop in the Emerson called "Tart".

Tart stocked the work of up to 70 local and regional artists, and after we met, Anna agreed to stock mine, too. I was in good hands, and good company.

I learned a lot from Anna over the years, and I met many talented, creative, lovely humans who also sold their wares in tart and we became friends, bonded by the title of “tartist” and the desire to mold little bits of our hearts and souls into tangible form — and offer it up for sale.

When Anna decided to close tart this year, there was a collective gasp heard from the Rocky Mountains and beyond. It was the end of an era. Where will we shop? Where will we sell?

The answer to these questions are found in our newest endeavor:

Hattie’s having company

That's right! Many of the artists you know and love -- plus some of your future favorites -- will now be available at Hattie Rex.  

That means, in addition to our own in-house, baked-fresh-daily jewelry and pet id tags, now you can shop for housewares and accessories, wall art and pet tags, all under one roof.

We are honored to work with a select group of artists to bring you a curated collection of the coolest handmade goods around.

We're still setting the table, so to speak, but we'd love it if you came in and peeked around. And tell your friends. It's gonna be marvelous.



Now, without further ado, please, meet our friends.  

Hattie & Co - rose gold jewelry retailer in Bozeman, Montana

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