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Posted on May 13 2016

Hattie Rex Workspace

For the first four years of my business, I didn't exactly have a workspace.  

It's the thing that happens when you work out of your basement/spare bedroom. You use what you have and it doesn't matter much. No one will see it, right?  

When we opened our first rose gold jewelry retail store in 2011, we had a to create a few pieces of display and furniture to make the retail area work, but the studio space stayed the same. Even when we moved to our current location, the studio remained.  

Then, this spring, when we decided to bring in the work of our friends, we knew we needed to spruce up the retail space. But, we soon realized that our workspace deserves some TLC, too.

And now, 9 years into this, I have a studio space that I love (Thanks, architect boyfriend).

Our Workshop Then and Now

Now, for a brief time travel.

Here's our space circa late 2014. (Hi, Nelle!)

Hattie Rex workspace

and here's our space now.

Hattie Rex Workshop now

Isn't it lovely?

Stay tuned for more upgrades + all the goodies that are born in this tidy, efficient lover of a space. 

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