Graduate Whitney

My niece, Whitney, graduated from high school this year. I was in high school when she was born, and somewhere I have a picture of us at my high school graduation. She was a toddler, and I was holding her. I searched for days to find that photo, and to no avail.  Despite the lack of photographic evidence that she did the same for me, I got to watch her walk across the stage at the very same school. It was pretty special.  

Personalized Hattie Rex Ring

For Whitney's gift, I made a sterling silver and turquoise ring, stamped inside with her name and graduation year. As I was putting the finishing touches on it, we received an order from another person who would be celebrating her achievements: an angel wings necklace, hand-stamped with Jeremiah 29:11. It was pretty special to get an order (from a person I've never even met!) and to deliver it, by hand, at my nephew's tee ball game in my hometown.    

As she received her diploma, I was so honored that Whitney was wearing two pieces of Hattie Rex jewelry that she received as gifts. Sure, partly it was because I'm her very favorite aunt, but it's also because the gifts we make here at Hattie Rex carry so much love. From the person who buys it, from the people who make it, and to the person who receives and wears it.  I love my job.  And my sweet niece, who I know will achieve great things, with humor and with grace, with my crazy family cheering her on.   

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