5 Tips for a Calm Dog on July 4.

Posted on June 27 2017

If your dog is anything like Sofia, the loud crack of fireworks will send her running every time.  As America celebrates her independence, let's make sure your dog DOESN'T.   

Here are 5 simple ways you can help your dog enjoy this holiday as much as you do.  Spoiler alert:  One of them is an ID tag .  Scroll to the end for the coupon code.

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5 Tips for Calming your Dog during Fireworks


1.  Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise earlier in the day.  You could start the day with a hike in the mountains while it's still cool, and add a swim in a lake that afternoon once it has warmed up.  Or, just play a few rounds of fetch or take a walk around the neighborhood.

2.  Keep your dog inside the house during the fireworks display. Having the windows closed will dampen the noise, and the enclosed area will prevent her from running away to escape the sounds.  If possible, provide a small, enclosed area for your dog to rest so she feels protected and safe.  

3.  Have a human companion sit with your dog during the fireworks display.  The comfort of a calm adult will help to calm the dog.  When I was a kid, my little sister hated fireworks so Grandma would sit inside with her.  If it worked for Darcy, it will probably work for your dog.

4.  Provide a distraction for your dog.  A frozen toy with a treat stuffed inside will be delicious and challenging enough to keep her attention away from the loud noises outside.  We love the new Qwizl Treat Toys from West Paw because it's recyclable and made right here in Bozeman.

5.  Make sure your dog is properly tagged and wearing a collar that fits well.  In the event that your dog does run off during the fireworks (or any other time), you want the people who find her to be able to contact you.  Dog tags really do save lives.

As an incentive, we're offering 20% off our pet ID tags from now until July 4.  Give yourself peace of mind and give your dog something to freshen up that limited wardrobe.

Use discount code INDEPENDENCE until July 4.  


Happy celebrating!



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