A year without Hollie

A year without Hollie

Saying Goodbye

Hollie our beloved Labrador

Last week marked a year since we said goodbye to Hollie. Hollie was a leggy, lazy black lab and a founding member of Hattie Rex. Her battle with bone cancer ended a couple months shy of her 10th birthday.


Life's different without Hollie. I miss having 100 lbs of furry love by my side. I miss her dream-dancing; her bossy barking when I stop to say hi to a friend on a walk; the sound of her incessant tail wagging when it is time to wake up, or when someone said her name, or when she heard any word associated with food. I miss watching her go from guest to guest at any dinner party or brunch, sizing up each person to see who would be the most willing to feed her from the table.

Sofia the Westie

Of course, there's still Sofia. Sofia has always been special, but now that she's an only dog, our relationship has changed. Sofia has changed. I thought she would be meaner, but instead, she has both softened and become more stubborn. I think she's enjoying her privileged status, but I also know she wouldn't mind having a little sister or brother one day, but not yet.

Celebrating Memories

Last week we got an Etsy conversation from some old customers of ours:

Fisher Hattie Rex tag

About 7 years ago we asked you to make a fish tag for for our golden retrievers, Fisher and Nemo. You were kind enough to accommodate us.
We lost Fisher about a year ago and Nemo just passed. To keep them close to our hearts we had your art made into bracelets. Thank you very much. We hope to order more from you in the future when we have new companions come into our lives.
Karla and Eric


And, a year ago, this:

Hattie Rex pet ID tag tattoo

"Got some more work done on the sleeve! This time I added a dedication to our dogs. We picked up these custom made dog tags about 5 years ago on Etsy and loved them because they fit our dog's personalities perfectly. I figured this was a unique and original way to honor our pups."


The thing about dog people is that we find other dog people, and in those dog people you confide, share, commiserate. If you're a dog person, you've probably lost a dog. And you probably know another dog person who has gone through the same thing. To me there's some comfort in knowing that us dog people all have that love in common. In a time when we seem to be so divided, it's nice to know there are four-legged lovers out there that connect us all.

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I hate canine cancer. we have lost so many dogs from it.

we now have 6 dogs. 5 are rescues. and I think we have 3 or 4 of your tags. I love each one.
when I save more money [we are retired on a fixed income, very fixed] each of ours will have a hattie rex name tag.

thanks so much.


susan hayek-kent

Ohhh, I’m crying. How sweet. I miss Hollie too, she was such a special girl, and all of our loving doggy friends who have passed on. HUGGGGGGSSSS!

Jenny Love

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