Critter Sitter

Critter Sitter

I started pet sitting for my friends back in 2011 and have slowly grown a faithful client list over the years.

If it isn’t obvious from working at Hattie Rex, I absolutely love animals. I can’t have pets of my own right now so pet sitting really is a mutually beneficial situation. Boarding pets isn't always an option and some people are far more comfortable knowing that their animals are safe at home - with someone they can trust.

I spend nearly half of my days with other peoples pets, and though it is a really fun side gig, I do take it very seriously. Being a good pet sitter isn’t just feeding, walking, and making sure they continue to breath, I want the animals I watch to have as much fun as I do. This means understanding what they need and of course, lots of outings, playdates, pets and snuggles.

It is a truly great side hustle and Bozeman is the best possible place to be both a pet owner and a pet sitter. Here are some of my favorite Bozeman places to frequent when I am pet sitting.

Hattie Rex - Of course this is first on my list - but for good reason. When I am pet sitting, especially with younger or really active dogs, I like to add my information to their collars. I made a custom “sitter” tag paired with a Swivel Hook so I can easily clip it on a collar when I arrive and remove it when I leave.

Hattie has tons of customizable styles to choose from, or if you come up with something unique just let us know!

Check out our Pet ID Tags HERE!

Snowfill Recreation Area - This is my go-to dog park. It is an off-leash park that has tons of open space but is completely fenced in with trails throughout the entire park. It has a water pump so there is always fresh water for the pooches. They even have an outhouse for the humans!

Snowfill is large enough that you can keep to yourself, but it has lots of common areas where like-minded dog owners can let their pups meet and play. It is a great option for a pet sitter like me as every dog has different social habits - but they all love a good walk!

Read more HERE!

Bridger Animal Nutrition - As far as quality pet products go, it does not get any better than Bridger Animal Nutrition. When I have any questions regarding an animal I am watching, this is exactly where I go. The staff are very helpful and extremely knowledgeable and are are always available to assist you.

Whenever I am here, I feel like I am being educated rather than being sold a product. As a pet sitter, this is so valuable. I may be only spending a few days to couple weeks with an animal so it truly great to have such a helpful resource available should anything come up during my stay.

They also offer a ton of classes, do consulting, and make deliveries! See how they can help you out HERE!


White Dog Brewing Company - If you didn’t guess it from the name, this is a dog-friendly brewery! Bonus points if you dog is white. They have lots of beers on tap and a great atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating.

It is also not a loud as most breweries tend to be, which is a great bonus if you have pup with you.

Check out what they have on tap HERE!

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