Featured New Artist- Maria Gotta of Nest

Featured New Artist- Maria Gotta of Nest

We are proud to introduce our featured New Local Artist, Maria Gotta of Nest in our neighboring town of Livingston, MT. We love being a part of her Nature Inspired Series with her beautiful necklaces and earrings. Each piece is made by using the leafs and flowers from the Rocky Mountain forests that surround us and has a slight patina to bring out the texture and dimension.

Maria's original silver jewelry is created using PMC (precious metal clay). PMC is made with recycled microscopic particles of fine silver and an organic binder. After she molds and textures the silver clay, the piece is then dried and fired in a kiln. While in the kiln the organic binder, that is the clay, burns off and we are left with 99.9% silver. Each piece is then buffed to a shiny silver, with a slight patina to bring out details in the impression. Once the piece is finished, she adorns each pendant with a leather cord or a sterling silver bead chain, while the earrings receive handcrafted ear wires. Since each piece is handmade, imperfections will exist. This contributes to each piece's own uniqueness.


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