Forget something... or someone?

Forget something... or someone?

It's not too late to give the gift of Hattie Rex! 


We're all too familiar with that dreaded feeling when you realize... someone's not getting a gift this year.  After a year like this one, it would make sense that this would happen. 


For a limited time before the holiday, we're offering $5 off gift cards from December 19th-25th. 

So, even if you may have (almost) forgotten a gift, you're saving a few bucks too! That makes you a winner in our book. 

Gift cards can be purchased in store or online and can be delivered by email to the recipient. 

If you still want to have something on hand for Christmas Day, we'll be open on December 23rd and 24th too so come in and see us! 

Happy holidays! 



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