Introducing Hattie's Treasure Trove:  A Rewards Program

Introducing Hattie's Treasure Trove: A Rewards Program

As one of our customers, you're one of our most favorite people. It's so important to us that you understand how much we value your business. Today, we've started a new way to do just that – we launched an innovative new rewards program to give back to our favorite people. It's called Hattie's Treasure Trove.

treasure trove

nountreasure trove

valuables of unknown ownership that are found hidden, in some cases declared the property of the finder.

also: a hidden store of valuable or delightful things.

"that little shop on South Willson is a treasure trove of unspeakable delights"

How much is this gonna cost me?

The best thing about Treasure Trove is that it's completely free. You don't even have to carry a card. Just sign up with your email address in-store or online, then it's business as usual. You'll automatically earn tokens for every dollar you spend, and you can redeem those tokens for treasures (discounts on your favorite products). Plus, you can earn tokens in other ways, so you're never far from treasure.  You can always opt out of newsletters and still stay in our rewards program.

Sounds great. How do I get started?

Online: on our website, you'll see a little black box at the bottom right of your screen.  It says "Get Rewards." Click it and log in to your account (or sign up for one if you don't have one already)! Once you're there, you'll be able to see all of the exciting ways we've designed for you to earn tokens -- it's not just by shopping! For example, you can follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, or tell a friend about us, and we'll add tokens to your account that you can redeem for treasures -- discounts on your purchases!

In-store: simply sign up with your name and email address at checkout and you're ready to earn tokens to use for your treasures! If you've already shopped with us, you may already be in the program, and you may already have tokens!

If you shop with us both online and in-store, have no fear! Your treasure trove is the same: tokens earned from both online purchases and in-store purchases automatically accumulate in your treasure trove.

Earn Tokens. Get Treasures.

You can redeem the tokens on the website or in-person at our retail store, so no matter where you are, we get to say thanks. It's our way of showing how honored we are that you choose to shop with us. You really are the best.

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