Jewelry Care 101

Jewelry Care 101

One of our most FAQs is:

"How do I take care of my jewelry?"

And boy, are we glad that you asked!

How do I care for my rose gold jewelry?

Nothing can ruin a rose gold bracelet like putting it in your pocket and sending it through the washing machine, or trying to polish it and getting a yucky patina from a reaction with the chemicals!  

We always recommend that you do not sleep, swim, shower, or exercise while wearing rose gold jewelry or any of our jewelry.  Always store it in an airtight plastic bag (like the one included with your order), away from direct sunlight.  Never put your jewelry in your jeans pocket, in your coin purse, or other small, cramped places.  Nothing flattens rose gold earrings posts like being shoved in a wallet with your quarters and dimes!

How to clean your jewelry 

Our favorite way to clean jewelry is a Pro Polish Pad. These little guys are pre-treated with jewelry-safe micro-abrasives to remove tarnish and bring your pretties back to shiny -- and quick!  At only 50 cents a pop, they're inexpensive and easy to keep on hand.

5 tips to keep your jewelry like new

If you're looking for more alternative ways to keep your jewelry looking like new, here are our top 5 tips!

1. Watch the heat

Hot water and air will cause your products to tarnish.  If you need to rinse your jewelry, do so with cold water and let it air dry.  

2. Dawn dish soap is your friend 

Every piece we create goes into a tumbler with stainless steel shot and Dawn dish soap.  This strengthens and cleans the metal before we put on the final touches and ship it out.  You don't need a tumbler, but a little Dawn soap and water will clean your pieces in a gentle and affordable way.

3. Remove tarnish with a fine grade steel wool

Super fine-grade steel wool can remove tarnish and give your pieces a nice brushed finish.  We use steel wool every day in the studio for creating a matte finish while removing excess enamel and water spots.  We like the size 000 -- available in most hardware stores in the paint section.

4. Soak it a vinegar 

We use untreated metals for our products, but if you prefer to keep yours shiny and new, just use vinegar!  Just soak the pieces in white vinegar for 5-10 seconds, then remove and wash with Dawn dish soap (see #2 above).  Rub it between your palms a few times before rinsing it with cold water.  To dry it and prevent water spots, blow dry it on the lowest (or cold) setting.  Make sure it's dry before you return it to the airtight plastic bag. 

5. Keep it out of the hot springs!  

For our customers lucky enough to live in or visit an area with natural hot springs, please remove your jewelry prior to your soak.  Hot springs contain natural sulfur which will turn your silver jewelry a dark black in a matter of seconds.  That's no reason not to visit, though!  Our favorite is Chico Hot Springs -- just make sure you bring your plastic bag (and even the gift box that's included) to keep your jewelry fresh and shiny while you enjoy nature's baths.  

Do you have a favorite jewelry care tip that's not listed here?  Let us know in the comments! 

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