Julia's Fall Favorites

Julia's Fall Favorites

Julia's Fall Favorites
Julia's Fall Favorites

Hi! My name is Julia, and I've been part of the Hattie Rex team for about 2.5 years now. One of my favorite parts of the job is seeing the variety of handmade and specially-curated products that come in and out of our Bozeman, Montana store. I am also part of the design and creation process for Hattie Rex's own line of handmade jewelry, and I love seeing happy customers walk out the door wearing something I made.

Yes, it can be tempting to buy everything in the store...and yes, I've gotten close a few times. Luckily, everything at Hattie Rex is perfect for gifting. This means I get to share the love of pretty handmade things with friends and family, and keep some things for myself time to time. 

Fall is the time to start shopping for thoughtful gifts for the Holidays. It's also the time of year I like to take inventory of my wardrobe, home decor, and find things that will keep me warm through the harsh Montana Winters. 

I've handpicked some of my favorite Hattie Rex items for you and yours to enjoy through this cozy season. Enjoy!

Triangle Stud Earrings

This Fall I have felt encouraged to find more ways to bring simplicity into my life. 
These Triangle Studs are the embodiment of simplicity. They serve as a reminder to pare down and recenter every time I put them on! I'm a silver gal, but they also come in brass and copper!

Triangle Stud EarringsSilver triangle stud earrings

Wandering Bison Candles

Candles have been high on the list of my favorite things since I can remember. I always like to have one burning while I'm hanging out at home, and they make such great gifts. Wandering Bison takes candles to the next level. They're handmade by the sweetest couple, right in my hometown, Missoula Montana! 

I'm currently burning the Alpenglow scent, but the Trailhead Candle is another one of my favorites! 

Wandering Bison candle in the scent trailhead

Voyager Earrings

Well, I know I've been talking a lot about simplicity, but statement earrings will forever be my go-to accessory. The Voyager Earrings caught my attention the second they were released by Hattie Rex's jewelry designer extraordinaire Cassandra. The combination of gold and silver is striking, and the circular shape is flattering and stands out through my overwhelming amount of curls. 

Voyager Earrings handmade at Hattie Rex


Black Sheep + Strange Creature Society Stickers

As a graphic designer, I carry my laptop around with me pretty much everywhere I go. And what good is a laptop without some vinyl sticker swag? These stickers by The Dapper Jackalope are my absolute favorite. I just feel like these stickers get me, ya know

Black Sheep Vinyl StickerStrange Creature Society Sticker


Pigment Project Earrings 

There are only a few one-of-a-kind hand beaded earrings by Pigment Project are available in-store at the moment, and I'm loving this purple and gold statement pair. Getting a restock from Jessica and Jillian, the artists behind Pigment Project, is seriously wonderful. The variety of color and designs they use to create their handmade earrings is so fun! 

Pigment Project Statement Earrings

Pigment Project Statement Earrings

Thank you for checking out my favorite Hattie Rex products!  I hope you feel inspired to treat yourself or your BFF to something fun this Fall. 

Cheers! Julia 

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