July Artist of the Month- Cate Schroeder, ms.C Jewelry

July Artist of the Month- Cate Schroeder, ms.C Jewelry

Cate is a Bozeman-based musician, maker and wildflower nerd. Her ever-active lifestyle leads her to believe her spirit animal is a hummingbird. Growing up in South Dakota winters, she kept her little hands busy making beaded jewelry. She began taking courses in the art and architecture department of Montana State University, and quickly gravitated towards the metalsmithing studio, swapped majors, and is now a recent fine arts graduate of MSU’s class of 2018.

She prefers making jewelry with scrap copper and harmony recycled, fair-minded silver. With summers spent along the foot of the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming, a lot of her work is inspired by nature in some way, but she prefers to make things subtle. The Bridger bangles are created bending each individual bracelet along with the squiggly ridge line from a vantage point in Bozeman. Her turquoise and yellow dangly earrings are inspired by water, wildflowers and Native American stone earrings. However,  instead of mining the stone, she prefers to repurpose the copper, enameling each earring in order to mimic the bright hues of semi-precious stones. 


Cate sings in two Bozeman bands, Solidarity Service as well as the duet, Henry & Isla. Keep your eyes and ears tuned in for gigs around the area! 


Thanks for supporting local artists and businesses, we couldn’t do what we love without you all. 

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