May Flowers

May Flowers

April showers, or in our case, April snowstorms have finally given way to May flowers here in Montana. 'Tis the season for sunny days, evening rain storms, and gardening.

Though I am unfortunately not blessed with a green thumb, my mother has quite possibly one of the greenest thumbs of all. While putting together a mother's day gift for her, I realized I didn't even need to leave my place of work. Hattie + Co has it all. Between our custom metal work and all of our amazing artists' work, I was able to put together a perfect spring package for my mom, who spends most sunny days tending to the flowers overflowing off the front porch and the plants peeking through the garden fence. 

I also realized that the gift I put together for her would be a perfect addition to our new collection of Gift Packages on Gift Packages take the hassle out of shopping by saving you time and money. 

If you know anyone like my mom (including yourself), check out the Spring Box. It is perfect for the gardening enthusiast in your life. Here is what you will find in this package deal:

Garden Markers

The Spring Box includes 4 of our mixed metal, custom Garden Markers. Each marker is handmade and personalized to your specifications. They are great for marking herbs, flowers pots, vegetables or anything else you plant. Each marker measures 4" by 3/8" and is hammered for a rustic texture. 




Wildflower Seeds


Native Seeds are grown in the fields of the Jocko Valley in Western Montana and all come from wild Montana seed. A selection of 3 different packs is included in the Spring Box. Each package details growing regions and how-to directions for planting and growing your wildflowers. Bonus ~ every seed type features a custom illustration by Courtney Blazon!

Ro.Sham.Bo Sunglasses 

These indestructible shades are my absolute favorite. Available in multiple colors including Bueller Black, Goonies Green, and Kelly Kapowski Pink, these shades are durable and flexible. They are BPA and phthalate free, with polarized lenses. You can also switch out the lenses for prescription ones. Bonus ~ every purchase of these sunglasses helps support The Autism Research Institute!

Yoga Headband

Now that you have your seeds for planting, your markers to ensure you remember what's what and your shades to keep the sun out of your eyes, you have some work to do! The 8" Yoga Headband is perfect to keep the hair out of your face the sweat off your brow on those hot summer days. They are handmade in super soft knit by b.handmade Designs in Helena, MT. We have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. 

The Spring Box is available now and ships for free!

Stay tuned for more package deals to come! 

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