Meet the Maker: Beadiful

Meet the Maker: Beadiful

Meet our new vendor: Beadiful! 

Maggie's minimal handmade jewelry is one of a kind. We had a chance to meet with Maggie in her home where she showed us her process and shared the story behind her brand. 


maggie Beadiful Hattie RexHR: So tell us about your products - what do you make? 

M: I make up-cycled vintage jewelry like gemstone wire hoop earrings and leather necklaces.

HR: If you had to describe who your jewelry is for, what would you say? 

M: My products are for women who like simple, dressy days and nights.

HR: Where do you create your products? 

M: I make my jewelry right here, in my home in Bozeman, Montana. 

HR: What's the story behind Beadiful, your business name and how did you get started?

M: Using beads and making pretty designs! I grew up in my father's jewelry store in Whitefish, Montana. Watching him work and create inspired me to see if I too have the gift.

HR: What's the best compliment you've received about your jewelry? 

M: People say they wear their pieces everyday!

>>Shop Maggie’s brand, Beadiful here.<<



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