Meet the Maker: Six Finger Studios

Meet the Maker: Six Finger Studios

Meet our new vendor: Six Finger Studios! Nick Mask’s beautiful wood pieces, children’s books and toys are delightfully unique. We had a chance to meet with Nick in his studio where he showed us his process and shared the story behind his brand. 


HR: First and foremost, tell us about your products- what do you make?

NM: Handmade wooden coat racks and key racks; and children’s books and toys too! 


HR: Your mountain wood shelves are so cute and functional! What can you say about your work space? 

NM: My studio is next to my house in a two bay garage with a wood stove and lots of sawdust.

HR: What’s the story behind your business name? 

NM: Six finger studios came from a spot of paint on my studio floor that looked like a six fingered hand.  I also had a cat with six toes on his front two feet.

HR: And how did you get started making wooden organizers? 

NM: I used to work for a small furniture company that made custom furniture.  After hours I would use the tools in the shop to experiment with my own designs out of the shipping pallets in the alley.



HR: Since then, you started making children’s books and toys too - what’s the best feedback you ever received about them? 

NM: A customer with two boys once said that they “...have loved reading this story over and over! This is the 2nd Waffles book we have purchased and love them both! We are excited to read more from Nick Mask in the future!” 


Shop Nick Mask’s brand, Six Finger Studios here. 

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