Meet the Maker: Speckled Designs

Mandy Thronson of Speckled Designs is a masterful clay jewelry maker based in Belgrade, MT. We took a moment to chat with Mandy about her jewelry and what got her started making one of a kind clay jewelry pieces. 

Speckled Designs

HR: Tell us about your business name, Speckled Designs.  What's it about?

SD: I love anything with speckles!

HR: We do too! And how did you get started making clay jewelry? 

SD: It all started when I wanted to make some clay earrings for myself. I ended up making more than is acceptable to keep so I started giving them away to family members and friends.  They all told me I should start selling so I did!

Speckled Designs Earrings

HR: It's wonderful to have that kind of encouragement from family and friends. So what were you doing before you started? 

SD: I’ve been a stay at home mom for 5 years. I’m still a stay at home mom and work in my spare time. 

HR: You're a busy woman! Do you have an at home studio? Tell us where the magic happens!

SD: I create right at my kitchen table! 

Speckled Designs

HR: I love that it's a skill you can do from almost anywhere. Here at Hattie Rex we love your clay earrings and have wondered - what's the most common question you're asked about your products? 

SD: A lot of other clay makers ask about how I get the clay smooth. Also how I come up with new ideas. 

One of my customers commented once: Your craftsmanship and quality of clay is far superior than ones I already own. It’s hard to even think of them as clay! I don’t know how you get them so smooth and perfect with no air bubble or imperfections. I’ll be a repeat customer for sure! 

Speckled Designs

Speckled Designs jewelry making

round clay jewelry pieces speckled designs 

Shop Mandy Thronson's brand, Speckled Designs, here. 

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