Nash & Jones Clay Masks available in our Bozeman gift shop

How are you taking care of you?

As a new mom, I get asked frequently, “How are you taking care of you?”

I love that question. The people who ask it are usually moms.  They’ve been there, in the all-consuming part of life in which you give and give and give.  Where the rest of your life -- your partner, your work, your friends, your hobbies, your responsibilities-- are still there,  but now you have this other thing. This tiny, adorable, helpless little thing that needs you, constantly, and whom you love more than anything on the Earth, but also, sometimes, you just need a break.  

The balancing act can make you feel like a crazy person.  And maybe it’s the balancing act, or the hormones, or the fact that you’re sleep-deprived, under-groomed, and craving pieces of your old life, even though it feels so far away.  

And when you try to figure out what’s the most important thing to get done that day, it’s easy:  keep the baby alive. But when it’s time to think about what’s second, and third, and what can wait until tomorrow or what doesn’t need to be done at all -- that’s when the balancing act isn’t balancing a damn thing.  It’s prioritizing.

And of course, there are so many things that do need your attention.  Work. Your partner. Your friends and family. But also, there’s you.

So when it came time to refresh the store’s inventory, I started thinking:  “What do I want right now? What would feel comforting, relaxing, indulgent, to give as a gift, or to receive?” And the answers were these tiny luxuries relating to taking just a few minutes, just to pamper yourself.  

It’s a new part of Hattie, these self-care items, but it feels like it fits right in.  Our products and our brand have always been sentimental. And now, instead of just offering products that give you a keepsake of someone, or something, or someplace that you cherish, we’re offering something that helps you cherish the time you give to yourself and the ways in which you take care of you.  

Here are some of my favorites that I'll be taking home.  These are self-care items for women, but we are also carrying self-care products for men, kids, and dogs, too.  

All Natural Soap Bars available at our Boseman gift shop
These All Natural Soap Bars smell amazing and leave your skin so soft. ($8.00 each)


 We're carrying these Clay Masks in three different formulas for every skin type. ($12 each)

Bamboo Beauty Mixing Spoons and Hake Goat Hair Mask Brush available at our Bozeman gift shop

Mix up that clay mask with these Bamboo Beauty Mixing Spoons ($3.00 each) and apply using a Hake Goat Hair Mask Brush ($8.00 each).


Harper & Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes gifts for women in Bozeman

These Exfoliating Sugar Cubes ($12 gift box) smell good enough to eat!

Latika Rose Edible Sugar Lip Care Kit available at our Bozeman gift shop

And this Edible Sugar Lip Care Kit in Rose ($18.00) is actually edible.

Nash & Jones Radish Root Hand Créme gifts for women in Bozeman

Pamper your hardworking hands with this Radish Root Hand Creme ($18.00 each).

Good & Well Supply Co Glacier Huckleberry Bergamot & Vanilla Candle available in our Bozeman gift shop

Enjoy the scents of Huckleberry and Vanilla in this Glacier National Park Candle ($25.00)


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