What's Happening with Hattie?

  • Baby Blog

    Posted on June 07 2018

        Spruce up the nursery or be the talk of the baby shower with these super sweet, personalized gifts from Hattie Rex. We have loads of adorable additions to...

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  • May Flowers


    The Spring Box gift package

    May Flowers

    Posted on May 10 2018

    April showers, or in our case, April snowstorms have finally given way to May flowers here in Montana. 'Tis the season for sunny days, evening rain storms, and gardening. Though I...

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  • National Siblings Day



    National Siblings Day

    Posted on April 11 2018

    April 10th is National Siblings Day so we just wanted to take a moment to celebrate those special people in our lives. They are the people that shaped us into...

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  • Tessa's Wedding


    A special kickoff to wedding season:  Tessa's Big Day!

    Tessa's Wedding

    Posted on April 04 2018

    Tessa here, a month back from my wedding and looking ahead to this weekend's Bridal Walk.  I'd love to share my wedding story with you! We knew that neither of us...

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  • 5 Ways Growing Up in Bozeman Prepared Me for a Successful Career in the Arts


    April Artist of the Month - The Dapper Jackalope

    5 Ways Growing Up in Bozeman Prepared Me for a Successful Career in the Arts

    Posted on April 01 2018

    Hi, Bozemanites! I’m Kate Peterson, the illustrator behind The Dapper Jackalope, and I’m lucky enough to have grown up in Bozeman, Montana, where Hattie Rex is located. Though I now...

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  • Albuquerque Adventure


    Nothing like a quick desert escape the add a little warmth and inspiration to this snowy Montana winter. 

    Albuquerque Adventure

    Posted on March 14 2018

    It has been a long cold winter here in Montana and though I do love the season, I found myself in need of a quick escape this year. I decided New...

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