Tired as a Mother

Tired as a Mother

MOM (noun)

1. a superhero who does whatever it takes to get stuff done

2. someone who is absolutely never wrong about anything...ever. 

The moment I found out I was going to be a Mom, I was filled with excitement and overwhelmed with joy and very quickly after that was the feeling of, "oh crap...what did we just do?" Am I really ready to take care of another human being let alone make them from scratch? Will I be a good Mom? Will I somehow mess them up? Will I ever sleep again? 

After those 9 long grueling months (and 17 hours) of creating a tiny human and building each bone, finger and toe one at a time, my son was born. Harrison William changed my life forever. All of those worries and questions kind of drifted away once I laid eyes on what my husband and I had created. Not gone, because when he came out he wasn't breathing quite right. My beautiful child for all of 5 minutes was taken out of my hands and rushed to the nursery to be examined. I was left in the room childless and husbandless because you better believe I told him to go with our boy. Those were the worst 20 minutes I had ever had in my life. Turns out, he just had a little bit of fluid in his throat, he was fine. What I hadn't realized, was that my job as a mom started the moment that test turned positive. 


No one ever told me how difficult the day to day job responsibilities are to be a Mom. We all know about the joys, but no one tells us about the trials and tribulations that is MOM LIFE. Every decision you make, every time you turn around for just a second, every hiccup, every rash, every fever, everything is your job. Harrison scared us again when he was 4 months old when he decided to stop breathing in my arms. Yes, my child was lifeless in my hands and all I could do was scream. Yes, it was yet again the worst day of my life. One ambulance ride and two days of monitoring him later, he was fine. Unexplained series of events is all the doctors could tell us. I know what your thinking...why the heck would anyone do this? Let alone, do it again? 


That's when the craziness really happened. The craziness that is our daughter, Hazel Renee.  I thought that maybe, just maybe...she would be our calm one. Ha! Naturally, she has to do everything her brother does...10 times faster and harder. And I thought the baby stages were hard. Those were the easy days folks. Now comes the soccer games, the BMX bikes, the gymnastic leotards (that are truly the cutest darn things in the world...but not for $60), and the tantrums....oh the tantrums. Yes, this mom thing is not a walk in the park, but would I go back and change it? Heck no. They are crazy, out of control nut jobs most of the time. But those days do not outnumber the days that I stare at them and say to myself, " I made that." 

This Mother's day, our one day to claim as our rest day, leave me alone day, spoil the heck out of me day, may I suggest sending your loved ones down to see us at Hattie Rex to make you feel out of this world special for the whole year? Check out my favorite spoilers down below and give your family a hint hint, nudge nudge, because we all know they need it. 

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 Lastly, I would like to give a big high five and cheers to all of the other Moms out there today and every day. May we continue to do our best and may we be strong enough to keep going! - Jessica 

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