What You Need to Know When Ordering Custom Jewelry

Posted on September 14 2018

What You Need to Know When Ordering Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is more than just an object. The right piece can become a special reminder of a loved one, a well-deserved reward, or a symbol of confidence and beauty. If you’re looking to purchase a custom piece of jewelry for yourself, or as a gift, it’s important to know what and how to order the perfect piece.

Make it Personal

There are many things that set custom Hattie jewelry apart from other jewelry. Our favorite is the opportunity for a personal touch in every piece.

The first step in ordering your custom jewelry should be to consider who the piece is for, and what you’d like it to symbolize.  Maybe you’re a new dad wanting to give your wife a sweet gift after the birth of your child. Or maybe you’re newly engaged and want to remember the day he proposed.  Or maybe you just decided to quit your job to pursue your dream and you want a wearable reminder of your courage and strength. Keep this sentiment in mind through the designing and ordering process.

Choosing your Piece

After you’ve decided on the sentiment behind the piece, it’s time to decide WHAT exactly you’d like to give.  A ring? A necklace? Earrings? A bracelet?

Usually, rings and necklaces are more conducive to daily wear.  Earrings are often swapped out daily depending on the outfit. It’s easy to see bracelets as we wear them, unlike earrings or necklaces, so if you’re wanting a visual reminder, something that adorns that hands or wrists might be the way to go.  There’s no right or wrong answer here, just consider the style of the recipient and again, the sentiment behind the gift.

Choosing your Metal

The metal options we offer all give off different vibes! Make sure the metal you choose to create your custom jewelry matches the personality and style of the recipient! If she always wears silver-colored jewelry, silver or aluminum are safe bets.  Some women only wear gold, so we would suggest brass. But, if she has an eccentric collection of jewelry, you have creative license for whatever you choose.

  • Copper: Copper is laid back and earthy. It wears well, and will show the journey it’s been on!

  • Silver: Silver is classy and versatile. Smaller silver jewelry is perfect for casual-wear, and larger pieces make a statement when you want them to. Keep in mind that sterling silver is a precious metal that should be worn with care as it is softer than most other metals. Avoid wearing your silver jewelry into natural hot springs with sulfur, as it will quickly tarnish your jewelry!

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is silver’s more easy-going sister. It provides a very similar look but will not tarnish over time. The downside of aluminum is that it cannot be used to create rings that require soldering or stone settings.

  • Brass: Brass is a modern take on gold. It will give you a high-end look for a lower cost. Brass requires more upkeep than gold, as it will need to be polished every now and then, or before special occasions.

Custom Sizing

  • Ring size - know what finger the recipient would like to wear the ring on, and make sure it will fit! Ask if the type of ring you are interested in can be made with an adjustable band. Don’t know your size? Stop by the shop and we will size you for the custom ring of your dreams!

  • Necklace length - Anyone can wear any length of necklace, it just comes down to personal preference! Different shirt or blouse necklines compliment different chain lengths. Smaller pendants generally compliment shorter chains, while larger pendants compliment longer chains.

  • Subtle or statement - Does the recipient prefer showing off statement pieces, or glamming-up with smaller pieces that can be worn daily? Keep this in mind to ensure the custom piece will be well-loved and well-worn for years to come!

Don’t Forget Stamping

Here at Hattie, we have a TON of stamp options to choose from. Stamping adds a sentimental and ultra-custom quality to your custom jewelry. Take a look at the options we offer, and choose your font based on the size and length of the word or phrase you would like to include, the emotional impact you are trying to achieve (handwriting says something different than typewriter), or simply personal preference. We will always try to use the font you have requested, but will advise if your text won’t fit well on your custom piece.

Not quite sure what you want?

Because we make everything by hand from scratch, we can completely customize anything from necklaces and rings to money clips and belt buckles. If you don’t see something you like on the shelves, give us a call or stop in our shop to create a completely custom piece of jewelry with one of our designers.

Of course, a gift card is an easy way to make sure they get what they want, but if you want it to be a gift from the heart, go ahead and design a piece that feels special to you.  My bet is, she (or he) will love it because it’s thoughtful, meaningful, and came from you.

Looking for inspiration?

Here are some of our favorite custom jewelry ideas.

  • Including a name, date, location coordinate, or phrase on a necklace or bangle is a special and simple way to commemorate a special person, event, or place.

  • Creating a ring with a custom stone setting allows you to pick the perfect stone, size, and look of your ring. If a simple band is more your style, add custom stamping or embossing for more personality. Trust us, you’ll keep it forever, and it will last that long too.

    • Custom keychains, cufflinks, or money clips are all thoughtful gifts that men love for weddings, birthdays, and holidays. We suggest including their name, initials, or a special date.
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