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7Sixteenths Studios is a two studio mother/daughter shop. The jewelry is made by Kim Weeks in a home studio in the Chicago suburbs. Inspiration comes from life events, art, nature, patterns and whatever strikes my fancy. The painted art is created by her daughter, Sydney, in Bozeman, Montana. For Sydney, every oddity is inspiration -- the beautiful weirdos and the feminine freaks. 

7Sixteenths Studios is an homage to (or poke at) Kim's husband, Sydney's dad. He's an engineer, so measurements are precise - even approximations. One day he was asked how long something was and, while most people would have guessed "...about 1/2 an inch...", his response was, "It's about 7/16ths of an inch long." Turns out it only takes 1/16th of an inch to amuse us.

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