• Robin's Nest Dangle Earrings
  • Robin's Nest Dangle Earrings
  • Robin's Nest Dangle Earrings
  • Robin's Nest Dangle Earrings

Robin's Nest Dangle Earrings
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Product Details

Three turquoise "robin's eggs" are perfectly nested inside of a textured and domed sterling silver disc.

  • Three turquoise beads hang from each earring.
  • Each earring measures approx. 1".
  • Sterling silver discs are textured, oxidized, and slightly concave. 
  • Each earring hangs from a sterling silver ear wire and comes with a rubber ear back to keep your earrings secure all day long.

Why choose hand stamped jewelry?

Choose hand stamped jewelry when it has to be special.  When you want to show her that you love her, that you care, and that you understand the people and places that are important to her -- because they are important to you, too.

When you give a personalized, handmade gift, you’re not just fulfilling a gift obligation on Mother’s Day, Christmas, or her birthday.  You’re investing in a special treasure that’s hers alone. It will be The Most Thoughtful Gift of the Year, and it will become a future heirloom.


She’ll know you didn’t just buy it off a shelf, while running late, on your way to the party.  She’ll know you put thought and love into your gift by the personalized inscription she’ll read.  Maybe it’s the day or place where you met, the gps coordinates of your most special place, or her kids’ names.  Having that piece of personalized, hand stamped jewelry will allow her to hold those people and places close, even when they are far away.    


Every piece of personalized jewelry we make is handmade in our Bozeman, Montana studio.  When you buy a handmade gift from us, we start creating it just for you, after you order.  It’s not mass-produced. Each piece is made one-by-one, according to your instructions, with you in mind.  We love hearing the love stories behind the jewelry pieces we get to make! And, we love what we do (who wouldn’t want to make sweet, personalized metal jewelry all day?)!  With all that love pouring into the reasons to buy and the dedication to the craft, we know that she’s going to feel the love when she wears her new custom stamped silver jewelry.

Personalized Jewelry - How we make our hand stamped jewelry

Hattie Rex stamped necklaces, personalized stackable rings, personalized name necklaces, gps coordinates jewelry, and hand stamped necklaces are personalized by you and handmade by our three talented metalsmiths in our downtown Bozeman, Montana studio, and retail store.


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