Collection: Pet ID Tags

The best dog tags on the market since 2007.

Our flagship product, we've been making hand-stamped pet id tags since 2007.  Starting with thick sheets of metal, we cut, solder, sand, stamp, patina, and polish each pet tag after you order it, making sure your dog tag is created to your specifications and with the highest quality craftsmanship by our in-house metalsmiths.  

Every dog owner deserves the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog can be identified should she ever become lost.  And every dog deserves a dog ID tag that's as unique as she is.  At Hattie Rex, we put FUN in function, with dozens of styles, sizes, and metals to choose from, making your dog's name tag truly one-of-a-kind.

How to order a custom pet tag

1. Select your style. 

Take your time with this -- we have dozens to choose from!  Be sure to select a dog tag that matches your dog's personality and hobbies.  If he's a sporting dog, check out Archer - our pheasant hunting dog tag or Fisher, our fishing themed pet tag.  If he's more of a modernist, we suggest the pet ID bar or the At Ease dog name tag.  And finally, for those sweet and cuddly cute dogs, check out the Roxie pet ID tag or the I'm loved dog tag.

2.  Customize your dog tag. 

On most of our pet ID tags, you can choose the material the pet tag is made of; aluminum, brass, copper, and sterling silver are our main metal options.  We also offer our dog ids in a variety of sizes, from 5/8" (for puppies, small dogs, and cats) up to 1.5" for larger breeds and dogs that like a bigger ID tag for fashion purposes.  

3.  Enter your pet's personalized information.

Tell us your pet's name, the phone number you'd like on the pet tag, an address if there's room, even a dog microchip number!  Be sure to enter the information exactly as you'd like it printed on the pet tag so we know which letters you want to be capitalized.  We artistically hand-stamp each letter and number individually with steel stamps and an antique hammer, so each dog id tag will have slight variations, making it unique and one-of-a-kind.