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We dare you not to smile when receiving one of The Dapper Jackalope's whimsical illustrated prints or greeting cards.  Double dog dare ya!

From The Dapper Jackalope:

This Animal Atlas multimedia collage was inspired by a book I had as a kid, and it's the biggest piece I've ever made, at 20" x 24". To make it, I hand-drew a map of the world using watercolor pencils before adding water to achieve the watercolor effect. Then, I drew each animal using ink and colored pencil before cutting each one out by hand, adhering it to the map, and labeling it in ink.

20% of all proceeds from this sales of this piece will go to Rainforest Trust, an organization that strategically buys and protects specific areas of land to save threatened and endangered species, working with local people and organizations in each place every step of the way. Some examples of their projects include a land purchase to protect the Southern Woolly Spider Monkey in Brazil and the creation of a "Red Panda Community Forest" (which will be 430,050 acres!) to help save red pandas, pangolins, and other threatened species in Nepal. In completing projects like these, they benefit all animals (and humans!) by protecting the delicate balance of ecosystems worldwide and by saving rainforests, which directly helps to combat climate change. I couldn't be more excited to help raise funds for this awesome organization and I invite you to join me in celebrating their work!

Item description:

  • Choose from two sizes:  20 x 24 inches or  11 x 14 inches
  • Original was hand-drawn and painted using watercolor pencils, ink, and colored pencil
  • Professionally printed in Boise, Idaho
  • Prints are signed by hand
  • Ships in a clear sleeve with cardboard backing, inside a rigid mailer
  • Ready to ship

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