Meet Cate of ms.C Jewelry

  Where's home?

   Home base in Bozeman, Montana!

  What do you make?

The most popular work I make at Hattie Rex are the enameled copper earrings created mostly out of scrap material, as well as the Bridger mountain range bangles. I bend sterling silver and NuGold wire along the ridgeline of an image of the Bridgers take from a vantage point in Bozeman. I like to make jewelry that incorporates little secrets for the keeps things more magical and personal.

Where do you create?

I am currently creating in my living room studio and kitchen.

What else have you done, other than being an artist?

I am also a musician! I play and sing in two local bands. Keep and ear out for upcoming shows for Henry & Isla and Solidarity Service.

What inspires you?

I take a lot of photographs...both urban and natural spaces. I am always noticing light and shadows, line shape and textures, colors, sounds... I use the photographs for inspiration and recollection of how I felt in the time and place. 

What's the hardest thing about being an artist?

I struggle with time...and balancing work with life. I am in a weird and incredible place right now, having just graduated from college, I am trying to figure out a groove pocket to sustain myself in, as well as keep my heart happy doing the things I making soul fueling music and tinkering in my studio. I am insanely busy these busy these days and it's easy to get stressed out, so I would say another hard thing is being an artist is remembering that you are ONE HUMAN and you can't do everything all the time. 

How do you combat creative blocks?

I combat creative blocks in numerous ways...sometimes it's going on a walk, hike or run, sometimes it calls for fresh air and a sit outside. Sometimes it is hopping in the car and heading out of town. Other times it may be listening to new music, podcasts or a book on tape. Or picking up a book to read, writing in my journal or chatting with a friend. 

What makes you feel alive?

For the most part, I feel most alive when I am doing something out of my comfort zone. Other times I feel alive simply by being still, breathing and listening to my surroundings...and then there's dancing... I always feel alive when I am dancing.

Who (or what or where) warms your heart?

Wow! There is much I could say for this question.

Who: Henry & Isla warms my heart. That's my duet band, every time we play together I fell like I am on a musical merry-go-round and I find that I am often holding my heart after a really good harmony. 


Where: at the foot of the big horn mountains there is the little place called Saddlestring, Wyoming. That place has had my heart since I was in a diaper...not kidding.

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