Meet Maria Gotta of Nest

Where's home?
My home is the beautiful and windy Livingston, Montana. I couldn't ask for a better place to call home.

What do you make?
I make handmade, nature-inspired, fine silver jewelry.

Where do you create?
I create in my home studio, which is on a hillside overlooking the town of Livingston and the surrounding mountain ranges.

What else have you done, other than being an artist?
I jokingly like to call myself a “Jane of all trades, master of all”. I've done everything from landscaping, retail and a fine art gallery associate and an airline agent to a medical equipment buyer for our local hospital (to mention but a few!).

What inspires you?
Nature inspires me, for sure. Being in nature can turn a bad day into a good one, instantly. Also, being around positive, uplifting people is very empowering and inspirational.

What's the hardest thing about being an artist?
Time management. To find the time to do all of my marketing when all I really want to do is create.

How do you combat creative blocks?
Taking walks in the woods always replenishes the creative juices for me.

What makes you feel alive?
Hiking deep into the backcountry, watching our beautiful Montana sunrises and sunsets, and my new passion of flyfishing!

Who (or what or where) warms your heart?
Spending time with my guy and my pup, Stella, thoroughly warms my heart.