Lindsay Theken of Headpeace Headbands was determined to design the perfect headband and make a positive impact. Hattie Rex had the chance to talk with Lindsay about her "hairbrained" idea (pun intendedūüėČ) to create headwear with a purpose and here's what we learned...¬†

Headpeace Headbands artist headshot


HR: Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us your story! Why don't you tell us about yourself and how you started Headpeace. 


LT: I am an entrepreneur and stay at home mom. I was raised in the midwest, but left the area as a young adult to see the world. I enjoy all things associated with adventure and the outdoors--mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, camping, skiing, and traveling. [Now,] I have 2 beautiful girls and live on a ranch in Colorado with my amazing husband. 

I love headbands, and because I couldn't find the perfect one in the marketplace, I decided that was where it was at for me. I knew that by combining design elements from a few of my favorites, I could create the perfect headband ‚Äď one that was comfortable, stylish, and functional.

I knew I wanted to find a manufacturer that was committed to operating in an ethical and socially- responsible way, and was also able to offer high-quality product. So, I put my project on hold until I could find the right partner.

As luck would have it, a few weeks later, I ended up striking up a conversation with another mom at my daughter's gymnastics practice. She told me her family was from Colorado, but lived in Nepal, where her family has a fair trade, ethical manufacturing company, called Purnaa.

I learned that Purnaa helps women coming out of slavery and sex-trafficking situations get back on their feet by providing them employment opportunities in the garment industry. I immediately knew my partnership with Purnaa was meant to be!

HR: Wow, what a beautiful coincidence and for such a meaningful mission. What did you do before becoming an entrepreneur? 

LT: I have been blessed to stay at home and raise my girls for the past decade or so. Once my kids reached an age of somewhat self-sufficiency, I knew I wanted to do something to help contribute to my family's financial well-being. In a former life, I was a Hydrologist in Alaska--a career I loved dearly, but not one I had intentions of going back to. I decided I wanted to work for myself, so I decided to create HeadPeace.

HR: Sounds like you're living the dream. So tell me - why did you choose to make headbands? 

LT: I created HeadPeace because I am a headband person, and I wasn't able to find the perfect headband in the marketplace. 

I will be honest, I had never done anything this entrepreneurial before. Looking back, I was probably way out of my element. I had been listening to podcasts and reading books on how to start your own business. I knew I didn't want a service-oriented business, so I started thinking about products I could create and sell.

HR: I love the entrepreneurial spirit. If you can't find what you need, make it yourself! Can you describe your signature headband and what it's like?

LT: The original bands were designed to be worn in many different ways--wear them bunched up, folded, or unfolded to cover more of the head. In addition, many HeadPeace customers have been wearing the Original Bands as face coverings to protect against COVID-19! They act as a lightweight version of a neck gaiter, without the extra, unneeded fabric around your neck and they're easy to breathe through. The best part is you'll have a cute headband to wear when this is all over!


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