Meet Lauren of Whistlewind Studio

Lauren Dalzell Whistlewind Studio Bozeman Livingston Montana Wee Stitchery Hattie Rex Handmade Gift Art ArtistWhere's home?

I am proud to call the gorgeous, windy little town of Livingston my home for the past 16 years.

What do you make?

I make accessories for women and clothing for children in classic styles and patterns.

Where do you create?

My studio is a renovated classroom in an old brick schoolhouse in Livingston, with big windows that look out on the mountains.

What else have you done, other than being an artist?

I'm a traveller and lover of the outdoors, and before making my way in the arts I worked in the non profit world.

What inspires you?

Vintage and classic styles as well as the beauty of nature.

What's the hardest thing about being an artist?

Finding balance.

How do you combat creative blocks?

I take a break, try to focus my energy on other areas of my life so that I can come back refreshed.

What makes you feel alive?

Traveling and being outside in the wilderness.

Who (or what or where) warms your heart?

My heart is warmed by snuggling with my kiddos.

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