• Albizia Bracelet
  • Albizia Bracelet Bracelet handmade gift Bozeman, Montana
  • Albizia Bracelet Bracelet handmade gift Bozeman, Montana

Albizia Bracelet
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This simple chain linked bracelet made with albizia seeds from Tanzania, East Africa. It is a delicate and elegant piece for any occasion.  Handmade by Danae Hendricks, of Tztanglez, in Bozeman, MT. Danae grew up overseas in Tanzania, East Africa, where even in her early teens she was an entrepreneur. She owned a cow and sold milk, and employed her siblings for various ventures paying them with stickers, and made necklaces from seeds. At fourteen her seed jewelry was nothing short of a bunch of seeds strung up on a string. But she fell in love with the idea of taking something of no value, that was so abundantly available, and making it into a beautiful and profitable piece. 

Danae came back to the United States for college but still considers Tanzania her home. She started wire wrapping in 2016 and immediately fell in love. She loves the endless possibilities for design and the way the wire looks, either woven, hammered, or just by itself. So naturally, her two passions came together to become wire wrapping seeds from Tanzania.

    • Sizes will vary 
    • Made with silver or copper plated wire
    • Easy to attach hook
    • Clusters of three albizia seeds around bracelet 
    • Ready to ship 

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