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Fish Pet Tag
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Meet Ryver.

True to his name and true to the game, Ryver loves fishing.  He loves it so much that when his human catches a fish, he spins in circles, stomping in the water, and trying to make best friends with the fish.  One time, he got too close to the fish and his human scolded him.  Ryver's feelings were hurt.  He only wanted to be best friends with the fish! Ryver decided to take a walk to heal his hurting heart.  He walked so long that he lost track of his human.  Luckily, Ryver wears a Hattie tag.  Hattie brings you home.

  • 2.5" long tag is made of your choice of rustic copper or brushed aluminum
  • Sample tag (Ryver) features the "handwriting" font
  • Sample tag (Fisher) features the "comic sans" font
  • Each letter and number is individually stamped by hand using an antique hammer
  • Hung on an American-made zinc-plated steel split ring

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