• Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklace Pendant handmade gift Bozeman, Montana
  • Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklace Pendant handmade gift Bozeman, Montana
  • Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklace Pendant handmade gift Bozeman, Montana
  • Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklace Pendant handmade gift Bozeman, Montana
  • Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklace Pendant handmade gift Bozeman, Montana
  • Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklace Pendant handmade gift Bozeman, Montana
  • Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklace Pendant handmade gift Bozeman, Montana
  • Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklace Pendant handmade gift Bozeman, Montana
  • Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklace Pendant handmade gift Bozeman, Montana

Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklace
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“I’m in love with Montana.  For other states, I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection.  But with Montana it is love.”   – John Steinbeck

We are taking our most popular item to the Greeks! Show your chapters pride and your love of our beautiful state of Montana with these adorable Greek Chapter Montana Pendant Necklaces. These also make fantastic gifts for all of your sorority sisters this holiday season! 

  • Montana measures 1" wide
  • The necklace option includes matching 18" box chain
  • Add your greek chapter in the text box 
  • Available in aluminum, brass, copper, oxidized copper and sterling silver
  • Made to order  
  • Examples shown in brass, copper and sterling silver 

Why choose hand stamped jewelry?

Choose hand stamped jewelry when it has to be special.  When you want to show her that you love her, that you care, and that you understand the people and places that are important to her -- because they are important to you, too.

When you give a personalized, handmade gift, you’re not just fulfilling a gift obligation on Mother’s Day, Christmas, or her birthday.  You’re investing in a special treasure that’s hers alone. It will be The Most Thoughtful Gift of the Year, and it will become a future heirloom.


She’ll know you didn’t just buy it off a shelf, while running late, on your way to the party.  She’ll know you put thought and love into your gift by the personalized inscription she’ll read.  Maybe it’s the day or place where you met, the GPS coordinates of your most special place, or her kids’ names.  Having that piece of personalized, hand stamped jewelry will allow her to hold those people and places close, even when they are far away.    


Every piece of personalized jewelry we make is handmade in our Bozeman, Montana studio.  When you buy a handmade gift from us, we start creating it just for you, after you order.  It’s not mass-produced. Each piece is made one-by-one, according to your instructions, with you in mind.  We love hearing the love stories behind the jewelry pieces we get to make! And, we love what we do (who wouldn’t want to make sweet, personalized metal jewelry all day?)!  With all that love pouring into the reasons to buy and the dedication to the craft, we know that she’s going to feel the love when she wears her new custom stamped silver jewelry.


Personalized Jewelry - How we make our hand stamped jewelry

Hattie Rex stamped necklaces, personalized stackable rings, personalized name necklaces, GPS coordinates jewelry, and hand stamped necklaces are personalized by you and handmade by our three talented metalsmiths in our downtown Bozeman, Montana studio, and retail store.


We make these unique nameplate necklaces, monogram necklaces, gold bar necklaces, and all of our custom stamped silver jewelry by hand from start to finish.  We start with thick sheets of mixed metal, including copper, brass, aluminum, and sterling silver. We cut the metal pieces of each handcrafted simple necklace using a disc cutter, a pancake die with a hydraulic press, or by hand using a jeweler’s saw.  We remove any metal burrs or rough edges with a belt sander. We’ll do the final polish later, but we sand it down first to make sure we have an even, flat surface for the next step.


This step is our favorite because it’s where the piece of metal becomes YOUR personalized ring, personalized gold chain necklace, or a stamped silver necklace!  

We place the metal pieces on a steel bench block and use an antique hammer to hand-stamp your mothers necklace or stacking name rings with the names, dates, longitude coordinates, or other text you choose.   The hand-stamping process is what differentiates our handmade jewelry method from machine engraved necklaces or engraved bracelets. Every letter and number is stamped individually by hand, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry piece.  The spacing of the letters is artistically executed, ensuring that your handmade hand stamped rings aren’t mistaken for robot-produced rings with kids names.

Next, the pieces of our birthstone rings, initial rings, or personalized bracelets are soldered together using an oxygen and acetylene-fueled torch.  This part is the most exciting! We love the way fire can join together two pieces of metal, creating a thick, sturdy piece of jewelry like mothers rings, friendship rings, or latitude and longitude jewelry.  After soldering and cooling, they make their way over to the drill press where we add a hole for the jump ring to go in later.

The personalized mother’s jewelry, gemstone jewelry, or yellow gold jewelry goes through a round of polishing in a tumbler.  After tumbling, we darken the pod necklaces, custom rings, and personalized bracelets to add contrast before they go through a final polishing by hand. At this point, we set any birthstones or gemstones in the metal, and attach our pendants to chains.  Our chain necklaces are sterling silver and electroplated with rose gold or yellow gold. We love using precious metals like sterling silver and rose gold and yellow gold instead of cheap metals like stainless steel.

The last step is to ship it off to you, complete with a gift box for giving or keeping.  We offer free shipping on orders over $50.  This offer is valid only in the United States on orders shipped via USPS First Class Mail and it automatically applies to your eligible order.

Our custom jewelry makes great gifts for new moms who want to keep their sweet peas close to their heart.  Our personalization options include adding not only custom text to your necklace or bracelet but also adding a freshwater pearl or birthstone necklace accessory.   For Mother’s Day, and every day, our sweet personalized gifts are perfect when you want it to be special.

Our Montana Jewelry and Accessories are handmade in the heart of Big Sky Country

If you’re looking for a Montana keepsake or Montana jewelry, you’re covered at Hattie Rex.  We’ve been creating Montana state necklaces and other Montana souvenirs since 2012. Our Montana Love necklaces are best sellers and are offered in a variety of metals, sizes, and finishes.  Silver Montana jewelry, copper Montana jewelry, and gold Montana jewelry are just the beginning of our selection of Montana state jewelry.


Our 1” Montana necklace was our first state shape necklace.  A year later, we had so many happy customers loving their Montana memento that we decided to offer it in a smaller, daintier size, and the Tiny Montana Necklace was born.  At only ½” wide, it’s a delicate Montana vacation souvenir that layers well with longer necklaces.


Our variations on the Montana state necklace are plentiful.  We add hearts to certain cities for those who say “My heart is in Montana!” and we add an embossed mountain range to make others a Montana Mountain Necklace.  We can add a tiny gem or birthstone, or you can find a local yogo sapphire to add on, too!


Our team of Bozeman, Montana silversmiths live in Montana and our ideas are grown in Montana.  We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else other than the Treasure State -- specifically, Bozeman: home of our retail store and gift shop and Montana State University, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of the United States.  


No other state has as much state charm as Montana, and with our Montana products, you can give a nod to the mountains with a special Montana gift.


In each product description, you’ll find our method of hand-making the products in our Bozeman, Montana studio and our Montana Necklaces and accessories are no exception.  From Montana Money Clips and Montana Keychains to Montana Pet ID Tags and Montana Cufflinks, we have the best Montana gifts and souvenirs, all handmade in Bozeman, Montana.  

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