• Kitty Bell Pet Tag
  • Kitty Bell Pet Tag
  • Kitty Bell Pet Tag
  • Kitty Bell Pet Tag

Kitty Bell Pet Tag
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Meet Merle.  

Merle is one lucky cat.  He lives on a quiet street and he has made friends with all of his neighbors.  Sometimes he goes to Miss Martha's house and sits on her lap while she smokes cigarettes.  Sometimes she goes to Kyle's place and his girlfriend uses her nail scissors to cut mats out of Merle's fur.  After all this action, he comes home to his human's house -- most nights.  Sometimes Merle tries to make new friends and they don't understand Merle's lifestyle.  That's why Merle wears a Hattie tag.  Hattie brings you home.

  • 0.75" diameter tag is made of a domed brass disc
  • A pleasant kitty bell dangles in the middle, giving birds a chance
  • Sample tag features the "comic sans" font
  • Each letter and number is individually stamped by hand using an antique hammer
  • Hung on an American-made zinc-plated steel split ring

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