• Marble Slingshot Ammo
  • Marble Slingshot Ammo

Marble Slingshot Ammo
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Using white marbles has always been my favorite ammo for target shooting. Trumark's bright white tracer ammo helps your eye to trace the ammo's path all the way to the target. Before long, you will be hitting the Bull's-Eye over and over again. Seeing the marble ammo clearly as it heads toward the target, makes it easier for you to become an expert shooter.

    About Hella Slingshot:

    I grew up in the woods of Northern California. I’m the middle child of 3 red headed brothers and got my first slingshot when I was 4 years old. We had a hay bale target range in back that we directed a growing arsenal of projectile weapons at. If we weren’t shooting targets and building forts, we were hiking around the hills or swimming in the lake. We had bows, crossbows, bb guns, 22’s and paint ball guns but the slingshot was tops. Stuffed in a back pocket and taken for a hike, it leads to endless amusement and mischief.

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