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Hattie Rex

Mckinley Dog Tag

Mckinley Dog Tag

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Meet McKinley.

McKinley is afraid of the garbage truck. Every Tuesday morning, McKinley cowers under the bed as the workers dump the blue bin into the truck. It takes her hours before she's willing to come out, fearing the garbage truck is still there. One day, McKinley's humans decided it was time for McKinley to face her fears. They took McKinley to her favorite park to wear her out before the garbage truck arrived. She played and ran with all of her dog friends and had so much fun that she forgot it was Tuesday. She was not afraid as they approached the house. But then... she heard it. The garbage truck! McKinley ran and ran until she couldn't hear the rumble of the engine any more. Good thing McKinley wears a Hattie tag. Hattie brings you home.

  • 0.75" diameter tag is made of a thick aluminum sheet
  • Disc has a hammered texture and domed shape
  • Whimsical bone stamp separates name from number
  • Sample tag features the "typewriter" font
  • Each letter and number is individually stamped by hand using an antique hammer
  • Hung on an American-made zinc-plated steel split ring

Miles is wearing the McKinley tag. Unlike McKinley, Miles overcame his phobia and now he spends his days balancing on the fire hydrants he once feared. Check out his travelogue, Miles on Hydrants.

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