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Obscure Animal Alphabet Print
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Obscure Animal Alphabet
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This print depicts obscure wildlife all over the world--it's an animal alphabet to celebrate the creatures that sometimes get overlooked! The animals featured in this animal alphabet are the following: aardwolf, bongo, coati, dik-dik, emperor tamarin, fennec fox, giant elephant shrew, Hoffman's sloth, ibex, javelina, kinkajou, leafy seadragon, markhor, numbat, okapi, pangolin, quoll, rock hyrax, serval, tapir, urial, vicuna, wombat, xerus, yak, and zebu. Quirky illustrations hand-drawn in Boise, ID by The Dapper Jackalope

  • 9 x 12 in.
  • Original was hand-drawn using ink, watercolor, and colored pencil
  • Professionally printed on vellum paper by Evermore Prints, LLC in Boise, ID 
  • Ships in a clear plastic sleeve with cardboard backing
  • Priority shipping only 

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