• Ryder Pet Tag
  • Ryder Pet Tag
  • Ryder Pet Tag
  • Ryder Pet Tag
  • Ryder Pet Tag
  • Ryder Pet Tag

Ryder Pet Tag
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Meet Ryder.  

Ryder loves magic tricks.  In fact, his favorite trick is making himself disappear!  One day, Ryder disappeared from his home and he was found on the streets.  Ryder was sent to prison.  Ryder hated prison.  After four long months, a nice man named Jeff came to break Ryder out!  Their first stop was Hattie Rex, where Ryder got a new piece of jewelry!  Ryder loves jewelry because it makes him look dashing and keeps him safe at the same time.  Ryder rests easy knowing the next time he practices his magic tricks, his Hattie tag can bring him home. 

  • .75" or 1.5" diameter tag is made of aluminum and copper
  • Rustic texture
  • Sample tag (ryder) features the "typewriter" font
  • Sample tag (albus) features the "XL caps" font
  • Each letter and number is individually stamped by hand using an antique hammer
  • Hung on an American-made zinc-plated steel split ring

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