• Triple Disc Pet Tag
  • Triple Disc Pet Tag
  • Triple Disc Pet Tag

Triple Disc Pet Tag
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Meet Sofia.  

Sofia loves to sniff and dig, but sometimes she gets bored.  One day, during her daily sniff around the backyard, she found a hole in the fence.  She ran and played in the neighborhood all day long until a hunky German Shepherd caught her eye.  Sofia has an appetite for big German men, so she introduced herself to Hans and quickly made herself at home in his bed.  Later that day, Hans' human found Sofia napping, wearing only a collar and a Hattie Rex tag.  Good thing she didn't get completely naked, because her Hattie tag brought her home.  

  • 1" diameter tag is made of aluminum, brass, and copper
  • Sample tag features the "comic sans" font
  • Each letter and number is individually stamped by hand using an antique hammer
  • Hung on an American-made zinc-plated steel split ring

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